100 Days of LotD | Day 11: On the road again, and a case of missing tools

You can find the „100 Days of LotD“ mission statement [ here ].

Today, my Linux laptop accompanied me to a customer site again. Although its primary task during the day was playing Spotify music (which it did flawlessly), at one point I needed a device not belonging to the corporate network (had to do some troubleshooting in the quarantine VLAN so any device set up for 802.1X would not get there, or stay there long enough).

In this situation I needed the likes of ifconfig – which wasn’t there Linux oldtimers will probably know that this has been deprecated for a looong while, but for me, not finding ifconfig on a box was like not finding a start button. So I had to do a quick search to find out that ip is now the tool of choice for all things IP networking. Well, learned a new tool that will certainly come in handy more often in the future.

A small annoyance that is starting to irritate me enough to look into it in the near future: Windows that were open but not maximised while the laptop wasn’t connected to the dock reopen on next logon but, if the laptop IS connected to the dock then, they are positioned in a way that only the bottom half is visible. And while moving them isn’t a big deal, having to do so multiple times a day does not make working with this system more productive, or enjoyable, for that matter.

Another source of (very minor) irritation is KSNIP. I like having it in autostart so that hitting [ Print ] causes a screenshot to be made. But putting it in autostart causes it to show an empty editor on the screen and two KSNIP icons in the notification area. While I was typing the previous sentence, the empty KSNIP editor disappeared, but two icons remain:

Still, KSNIP rocks 🙂

This is all for today.

Title image: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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