100 Days of LotD | Day 35-42: A new hope?

You can find the „100 Days of LotD“ mission statement [ here ].

I’m still battling the DisplayLink issue. At some point I noticed that the current Ubuntu vs. DisplayLink discussion has been revolving around the kernel update form 5.8 to 5.9. I checked on my computer (uname -r as well as hostnamectl) and it says So obviously that is not my problem.

At the same time I noticed that the stability of my dock is deteriorating under Windows as well, albeit with much less dramatic results (windows get shuffled across monitors, as opposed to losing an entire desktop session including all running programs and open files). But still. Maybe it’s just a hardware starting to malfunctioning? These things are not unheard of. I tried swapping HDMI-to-DVI cables against DisplayPort-to-DVI without any perceivable change. Tomorrow a new docking station, also DisplayLink-based, is going to be delivered – maybe that will be the breakthrough that allows me to continue with my experiment.

Keepin‘ the fingers crossed…

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